Our clients RedDotTV wanted a solution to enable the remote management and monitoring of distributed media screens across three countries. We delivered a solution including a React SPA dashboard connected to an Android application via a secure API.

  • Client: RedDotTV
  • Date: 15/12/2018
  • Services: Web Development, Android Development, Branding


Web Development

We wanted the best user experience for our clients, so we created the web dashboard using the latest React technology to enable the fastest possible response time to user actions, and as little delay between pages as possible.


Android Development

Being a remote solution, the Android application had to be easily customised with as little required interaction as possible. We created an application with a simple step-by-step installation process which integrated with other required applications (such as the media system and remote-control via TeamViewer) and then would monitor and report on the Android system, whilst also ensuring that it has no down-time.

This also required us to include a built-in secure self-updating facility which allows application updates to be distributed and installed in bulk with no user interaction required.



During development, our client underwent a branding change, which we incorporated into the design of both the mobile app and the web dashboard. This included the colour scheme and new logos, the design of which was used around the apps to make it all work together.

Logo Design50%
UX / UI Design75%